Access to the facilities and services provided by the World Jewelry & Diamond Hub, Panama, including the trading floor, are restricted to members and affiliated of the organization. Members of the trade who do not hold  membership or affiliation will need to work through a bourse member or affiliate.

Members are individuals engaged in the diamond, gemstone and jewelry industry who buy and/or sell merchandise.

A person may qualify for membership in the World Jewelry & Diamond Hub, Panama, if he or she satisfies the requirements specified in the bourse Statutes

SEE: The rights and obligations of members

Affiliates, who have more limited rights than members, include companies and individuals engaged in the industry and who buy diamonds and gemstones.

SEE: The rights and obligations of affiliates

Membership and/or affiliation is not automatic, and is subject to approval of the  Board of Directors. To begin the process of becoming a member/affiliate of the bourse, you just need to fill in an application form.

DOWNLOAD: Application Form