Panama Diamond Exchange launches trilingual website

PDE homepage

The Panama Diamond Exchange has launched its official website, located on the web at Operating in English, Spanish and Portuguese, it is designed to serve as a comprehensive resource for members of the diamond, colored gemstone and jewelry industries looking for information about PDE, the Panama Gem & Jewelry Center and the gemstone and jewelry sectors in Panama and Latin America.

The new website features four primary sections, respectively providing information about:

  • The Panama Diamond Exchange, Latin America’s first and only diamond bourse;
  • The Panama Gem & Jewelry Center, which is currently under construction and when its first phase opens later this year will be the only dedicated diamond, colored gemstone and jewelry center in a region that includes South and Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean;
  • The Republic of Panama, with a special emphasis on its economy and the procedures required for setting up a business in the Free Zone associated with PDE and the Panama Gem & Jewelry Center;
  • The fast-growing luxury and jewelry markets of Latin America.

Also featured on the website are a news and events section, providing up-to-date information about PDE and the Panamanian trading center, and a Press section, providing background information, downloadable high-resolution photographs and video material for the use of the professional media.

The new PDE website allows users to flip easily from language to language and can be viewed on a standard computer, tablet computer and smart phone.

Together with the inauguration of its new website, PDE has released a six-minute video clip, showing scenes from the launch last month of the Panama Gem & Jewelry Center in Panama City, including footage of the first Latin America Diamond & Jewelry Summit. It can be seen below.