WJH honors Panama’s Minister of Commerce & Industry, together with foreign ambassadors and diplomats

WJH Diplomat Day 1

ABOVE: Augusto Arosemena (fifth from left), Panama’s Minister of Commerce and Industry, on the trading floor at the World Jewelry Hub, flanked by (from left) Ali Pastorini, WJH and PDE Senior Vice President; Shamma Jain, Ambassador of India; Gil Artzyeli, Ambassador of  Israel; Mahesh Khemlani, PDE President; Eli Izhakoff, WJH Chairman; Sanivar Olgun, Ambassador of Turkey; Zana Rudi, Chargé Affairs of Kosovo; Nils Petterson, Consul of Switzerland, Stefano Gesuelli, representative of the Italian Embassy; and Joseph  Kuzi, PDE Executive Vice President.

The World Jewelry Hub has marked Diplomatic Day in Panama by hosting the country’s Minister of Commerce and Industry, Augusto Arosemena, as guest of honor, together with ambassadors and representatives from a host of countries, at its facility in the Santa Maria Business District of Panama City.

The highlight of the day was the granting of honorary membership to the Panamanian Minister of Commerce and Industry. Making the award to Mr Arosemena, WJH Chairman Eli Izhakoff paid tribute to the ongoing support provided to the World Jewelry Hub by the Government of Panama.

“The decision to establish a jewelry, diamond and gemstone trading center here in Panama was deliberate, for the country is not only ideally positioned geographically, but it also is able to provide the commercial, fiscal and logistical facilities that are critical to our becoming the bridge between Latin America and the global trades,” he said. “Mr Arosemena and his ministry play a critical role in making this possible, and we are most fortunate to be able to count on their support, as well as the support of other ministries in the Panamanian government.”

“Not only has the government worked with us closely in establishing a world-class business infrastructure, but it has also created a regulatory framework that is designed to ensure the transparency and integrity of trade. In our industry it is critical that we defend the confidence of our customers and all our trading partners,” Mr Izhakoff continued.

WJH Diplomat Day 2

Augusto Arosemena (center), Panama’s Minister of Commerce and Industry, being awarded honorary membership in the World Jewelry Hub by Eli Izhakoff (right), WJH Chairman, and Mahesh Khemlani, PDE President.

Since it began operations as Latin America’s only dedicated gemstone and jewelry trade center early in 2015, WJH has maintained close ties with members of the diplomatic corps in Panama, working with them in expanding commercial relations with their respective countries, both in Latin America and internationally.

The diplomats were greeted at the World Jewelry Hub by Mr Izhakoff and Panama Diamond Exchange President Mahesh Khemlani, who guided them on a tour of the center and provided an overview of WJH’s development plans.

Mr Khemlani saluted the foreign diplomats attending the gathering. “Our business is intrinsically international, bringing people and nations together,” he said. “Success almost invariably comes as part of a cooperative effort, involving players in a number of countries. We count on you to making and strengthen the connections that unite our global village.”